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The Tenere700 Gobbler Pro Build featuring the exclusive "DIY RE-VALVE" at your fingertips.

Allows you to Re-Valve your T7 forks in seconds from plush to send it.

With the Sprung Mid Valves, this build offers a smoother, plusher ride while also increasing off-road capabilities. Perfect for travel with or without luggage, this build enhances your ability to put on heavy miles at a faster pace or in a moments time adjust for a fully plush and leisurely ride. With the T7 Pro Build, you can expect a transformation in your motorcycle's performance and ride quality. This includes the Gobbler shock build with all shims and parts needed and you will realize just how good the T7 can be.

We simply hit home runs, and this T7 package is a Grand Slam!

In house builds have the option of adding over 1/2 inch of fork travel "without raising the motorcycle above stock height!

Our in house Gobbler install is a full custom meticulous hand build.

We are not cookie cutter builders.                      

We take pride!

$2150 for in house build add $350 for travel add.

  • Add 14mm of fork travel without raising the bike height.
  • Custom spec variable rate rear spring.
  • Fork spring set.
  • Machine fork caps for proper fork spring preload.
  • Machine fork spring guides.
  • Machine damper rods.
  • Machine and turn to smooth chrome tubes.
  • Install sprung mid valves including custom pistons.
  • Install Gobbler re-valve adjusters including custom pistons.
  • Install new seals in shock and forks. Oem.
  • Replace shock bladder.
  • Modify  shock into the Exclusive Patented Gobbler system.
  • Bleed shock piston.
  • Adjust shock length for proper spring preload when needed.
  • Vacuum bleed shock and fill with nitrogen.



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  • * I'll write up a full review when I have a minute, but I PROMISE you, George @ Suspension101 has this suspension dialed. If you can swing it do not even bother with anything else.

    * From Columbia, From my end, finally was able to test s101 build today, oh mate your in for a treat!  What an amazing ride. I want to post a full review and comparison with stock and the Ktech build that I formerly had, but that will be when I have some time!

    * Just got back from a 1200mi trip on road and part of the NVBDR. OH SHIT!!!!  The suspension101 setup is UNBELIEVABLE. The bike is just 100% transformed. I was able to send it anywhere I had the sack to go. Railed it at high speed on brutal washboard and rocky tracks. Blasted sandy tracks and washes. I hit a metric crap ton of cross-ruts and water bars and even with me and 35lbs of gear I never hit bottom in the rear. Hit a couple at 50mph and it just ate it up. In the front end ALL the hard painful hits are gone. It just floats the small stuff and eats up the bigger hits. Just amazing.

    * If you can swing it I recommend skipping all the 'bolt on' options and Calling George @ Suspension101. Those cats have the T7 figured out. They install custom pistons they designed, and do a bunch of other magical stuff. Bike is TRANSFORMED. I ride offroad a good 10 to 20mph faster, with more control, and more comfort. On the road there is zero compromise, in fact, the front end dives less and overall feel is more planted and confidence inspiring. Not cheap, but worth every single penny. He fixes the one thing the T7 didn't crush from the factory.

    * I'd still pick Suspension101 if I wanted to ride it like I stole it.

    * Most of these comments can be found on ADV rider. Thank you to those who put in a good word. We love what we do!

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