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Generation II Gobbler Pro Build for advanced riders. 




The ultimate suspension for the more aggressive rider. The harder you hit the better it gets with the Pro build. With Generation II you can expect the same amazing performance over a wide variety of terrain, now in a smaller form factor for use with base valve guards and independent adjustment of highspeed and lowspeed compression. Re-valve your own forks in seconds. With this set of forks, you can turn even the rockiest terrain into a smooth and comfortable ride. The external adjusters allow for quick and easy tuning, which means you can switch between racing and cruising modes in seconds. With 100 times more adjustability than any other fork out there, the Gobbler Pro Build is the perfect choice for riders from beginner to pro. Plush to send it in seconds!


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    • Turn chrome tubes to smooth.
    • Replace fork seals.
    • Seal comp cartridge bleeds, tap and set screws.
    • Return forks to rebound on top and compression on bottom.
    • Install new rebound damping needle and spring.
    • Install sprung mid valves on damper rods.
    • Install Gobbler high speed fully adjustable base valves.
    • Maxima Racing fork fluid 5wt.
    • Fork springs installed with correct pre-load.
    • Oil level set to 110mm.
    • Re-valve shock main piston.
    • Modify piston.
    • Re-valve shock high speed piston.
    • Install custom high speed spring for certain terrain.
    • New shock seals.
    • Install new main shock spring.
    • Full synthetic Maxima shock fluid.
    • Vacuum bleed shock.
    • Lubricate & set reservoir piston.
    • Nitrogen shock fill
    • Linkage WP bikes $1830.
    • "NEW" Linkage Gobbler Shock available add $100. 
    • PDS shocks add $50 for variable rate spring.


  • * 'I see the rocks... but I just dont feel the rocks... Weird. "

    * They were so good that I immediately did the same to my '18. You will not be disappointed!* Right off the bat, 5 minutes into the ride I was amazed at how plush and planted the bike was. It tracked so we'll I was able to hit nasty section a gear higher... Just a lot more confidence everywhere. I made a few adjustments but settled back to the suggested settings on the build sheet. Yesterday was the first really greasy day which require attacking hills hard with momentum and before the rebuild I was getting kicked and bucked all over the place on holes and root steps. Now I can hit them as fast and hard and the suspension soaked everything thing up with out deflecting.... Which is awesome. I know guys that spent 5k on suspension and wasn't any better.

    * I wanted to give George at Suspension 101 props and a big "thank you" I installed the mids, gobblers and shock stacks he set up for my 20' 300 xcw and got out on a 3 hour ride today. Ya, it's really good! I'm stoked and a bit amazed at how well the suspension worked. Our local trails are pretty hammered covered in roots, rocks and square edge holes. I was hitting the really ugly stuff a gear higher. Plush but compliant, couldn't be happier🤙

    * Think about doing the complete pro mod to your forks, it's really a big part of the package that makes the forks that much better.

    * So I got a set of xplor forks and sent them to george last month. He did the full build on them. I've got a few rides on them now. I went out last w/e to do some testing with my aer Dal Soggios, my A-kit KTM KYB 's and his gobblers. My Del Soggio's are very good, I spend most of my ride time on them... the KYB's are better in a different way. I typically save them just for racing. The gobblers are at yet another level. Very Adjustable, small bump ride and great bottoming control. They are best described as a very good KYB fork that's on a yamaha. For what ever reason KYB's always work better on a Yamaha. This is the first fork That I've had on a KTM that Mimic's the overall action that you find on a YZ. And I'm talking a very good revalved yz fork. George will be getting my A-Kit KYB's for the full build soon. I have 2 ktm's and am now spoiled and don't want to ride anything else.

    * I'd do both. I did the midvalves first, I'd say 70-80% improvement over the concrete harsh forks. Then installed the Gobblers and game over. Like having a new bike.* If you have a bike that comes with xplor forks then hands down, the pro build is the way to go. You can make it as stiff as you like to as soft and plush with just clicker and gobbler high/ low speed changes.Most of these comments are on KTM Talk. Try this link in full in house Gobbler Pro Build.

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